Wishful Thinking

When Spring feels like a million miles away but we’re on the doorstep of May…Yes London is currently dealing with a delayed Winter but I decided to add a Spring like twist to my outfit… View Post

Getting Dressed in 5…

  Some days I relish getting ready for the day, I start thinking about my outfit as soon as I wake up (or sometimes even the night before) and peruse my wardrobe whilst sipping my… View Post

Feeling Happier in my Skin

  Confidence is a weird old thing, it comes and goes depending on a multitude of factors – how settled you are in your personal life, your success career wise, of course your genetics and… View Post

A Big Lifestyle Change

  So if you follow me on snapchat (username: tijanserena for those that don’t) then you’ll have noticed me talking a lot about food and my new diet. Last Sunday I felt really low, my… View Post